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About Rivelino

Rivelino Digital was born on July 1st 2014. Our aim is to help Individuals and Small Businesses gain a credible foothold online. Digital Marketing isn’t just for big brands, it should be accessible to everyone. We will help make your first steps online an easy and transparent journey with specialist expertise and guidance every step of the way. We work around your budget to make digital marketing affordable for you.


Understanding your audience and where they are online is the driving force behind any digital strategy. We will advise you using language that is understandable to you at every stage of the process. Our methods are simple – we learn about you and your business so we can tell your story online.


Building a personality for your business is an integral part of a successful digital strategy. Your personality will help build trust and reputation online which are now of utmost importance in the new Semantic web.


Once we identify your ideal persona’s (customers) we will discover where they reside online. Identifying their digital space will help us focus on what channels to adopt for you. You need to go to where your customers are!

Our core values are quite simple.

  • We believe reputation and trust in your brand should be a by-product of an honest presence online.
  • Visualising your end goals from the onset will instill confidence in the overall digital marketing process.
  • We learn about you as well as your brand. You are as important to the online process as your brand is.

Start with your Customer and work your way back.

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