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Digital Marketing – Can you afford not to?

Entering the online space can be a daunting prospect for many small business owners and individuals. You can live or die on the web by your activity online or simply the lack of it. The internet is an unforgiving place. Those who bide by the rules can prosper but those who don’t ultimately suffer.

Digital Marketing although not new anymore is very popular, hip and a hot topic right now. As business owners small or medium, we panic when we think about the digital world. We don’t talk the language, we don’t get Facebook, Google+ and definitely not Instagram. We think it’s too complicated or simply too expensive. Our traditional marketing methods have worked up til now, right? Wrong.

Marketing in its purest sense has been transformed. You could say it has morphed within a digital cocoon and realigned itself to embrace the 21st century and beyond. The difference between both marketing disciplines is quite contrasting. In traditional marketing (print, tv, radio etc), a company has to go looking for the customer. Its a hit and miss practice that is quite hard to quantify or measure to an exact and analytical outcome.

On the other hand in digital marketing, the customer looks for your business when they most want your product. They search for your product online. Digital is measurable, its analytical, and its mathematical. A digital marketers job is to make sure that search engines (primarily Google) serves your relevant products in the search results to potential customers at the right moment in time.

It is quite clear that the difference between the two are worlds apart but they can be integrated into a successful synergistic marketing strategy borrowing the best of both practices. Offline marketing methods are now used to drive ‘eyeballs’ online. Print media especially is adapting to the digital landscape coaxing potential customers to a brands online presence. Through a well thought out Digital Marketing Strategy small businesses can flourish online. Smaller budgets can work with great success if the right advice is sought.

At Rivelino Digital we help small businesses to grow and gain a positive brand reputation online. That has always been our goal. Understanding your business is the foundation on which we build your personality online, one step at a time!

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