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How To Succeed In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Choices start with EducationDigital Marketing is such a hot topic right now and its all down to the exponential growth of Businesses online.

Every business that reaches out online needs an educated digital mind to look after their interests.

If you are not from a digital background fear not. There are so many digital marketing courses out there right now that its truly a learners market.

Knowledge is what sets us free, it enables us to have clear focus, it grants us choice. Education opens up opportunities that were not already present. It introduces us to people from networks and circles other than our own. For me this is key.

Digital Marketing with Passion

This years Web Summit was a huge success. It brought over 20,000 new visitors to Ireland’s capital Dublin. The RDS was host to what has been called ‘the best technology conference on the planet’. Representatives from Fortune 500 Companies and the most promising start ups in the World were there. Digital Marketers from every sector brushed shoulders with Entrepreneurs, CEOs, CTOs, decision makers and influencers.

The one thing these digital marketers have in common is a passion to learn. Their extraordinary drive to stay on top of a fast moving digital landscape keeps them focused. Education has become part of their daily routine. Reading, implementing, networking, sharing are all key elements within every learners journey. Taking your first step in digital marketing should start with education.

Whether you educate yourself or enroll in an Institute, the choice is yours. My advice would be to have clear and focused goals, challenge yourself and have high expectations in your abilities always.

Know What You Want and Specialise

Digital Marketing is a vast and multifaceted discipline. Specialising in one or two areas will be of great benefit to you. Make sure your grounding is at a generalist level as this will enable you to chose which digital path(s) to take. If and when you take on a role at management level you will need to have an understanding in all areas of Digital Marketing. This doesn’t mean you must be an expert in all.

Some digital marketers with a grounding in digital may focus on Search Engine Marketing or Analytics. Others may prefer Social Media or Content Marketing. There is also a shortfall in digital marketers opting to choose User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation. Whatever area you decide to specialise in will stand to you.

Living Proof

I started my digital journey in 2010. My eCommerce website at that time had no traffic baring the odd bot that happened to crawl it out of pity. I discovered the world of SEO and how it could open up my web presence to users seeking my product. With the basis of a digital strategy in place, traffic started to rise. I remember the first purchase through my website, the feeling was unbelievable. Delighted with myself I felt that I’d officially entered the digital world.

I needed guidance and entered education cautiously. Some months later I had a Professional Diploma in digital marketing to my name. I wanted more. I signed up for a Postgraduate Diploma with the Digital Marketing Institute and never looked back. Next up was a Masters Degree which I will complete in 2015.

My transition from the print industry into digital marketing has been great. I have loved every minute of it. My landscape has opened up in front of me beyond my wildest dreams and I’m the better for it.

A Word of Advice

Think hard, choose wisely and never look back. Always move forward and keep focused on what is important to you. Visualise your chosen path and walk it with confidence. Believe in yourself always and dispel doubt as soon as it enters your mind. Network and connect. The people I have met over the last few years have been a breath of fresh air to me, they believed in me. They have been as important to my success as anything else. Pay it forward by sharing information. Strive not just to teach others but inspire them!

When my college wrote an article about me earlier this year, I knew then I was a Digital Marketer. I had arrived.