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Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing is an essential part of any companies success online.

As a small business owner or an individual the online space can be a very intimidating environment. Our aim is to develop a comprehensive and achievable Digital Strategy for your business through understanding your brand and goals while listening to your customers online.

Your Online Journey

Entering the online space without a defined digital strategy can damage your brand or reputation. Realising your business goals gives you the focus needed to begin the online process. At Rivelino Digital we will help develop a simple online journey through the marketing funnel that will guide new customers right through to becoming advocates of your brand. The funnel will be broken into four parts –  Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

Digital Strategy

Identifying where your customers are online will determine what channels your business needs to be on. Our strategy will include writing quality content providing value to your customers experience. Website optimisation best practice will ensure your customers journey is seamless and your website works with simple navigation, clear CTAs (Call to Action) and practical functionality.

Brand Personality

With a clear Social Media strategy your brand can speak with one uniform personality that translates across all social channels. Using quality engaging content you will attract relevant traffic who will in turn become ambassadors to your brand.